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A great variety of academic courses and competition exam programs are provided by us. Our student's success proves that with following features will make progress in children life!

  • Develop conceputal understanding, analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Enhance calculation speed,Get personalized attention.
  • Assess progress through perfect student guidance,Practice through Weekly Test and Assignments and question bank.

Our students are performing best in academics along with attainment of top positions in NTSE, IMo, RMO tests.

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Swapnil Mittal


I , swapnil mittal, scored 100 marks in mathematics and this was all because of VP tutorials and tarun sir who not only taught me concepts but also explained me the way to tackle trickier question and time management, both important skills for exams.

Anmol Tayal


Tarun Sir has been an excellent teacher throught the session. He always motivated me to study maths not only at the level of school but to its deep knowledge. What I really like about him is he does not focus only upon the marks of the student but focus upon the development of knowledge about the subject in student's mind. Has been a great mentor throughout.

Aryan Garg


Thank you so much Tarun Sir for your support. You have been a great mentor. You always encouraged me to work hard. I could do this only because of you. Thanks a lot Sir.

Riya Arora


Thank you Tarun Soni Sir for making my concepts in mathematics clear and helping me to achieve my goal. Tarun sir helped me in building my foundation in maths and making it my favourite subject!